I work with clients in two ways. Some hire me for one-off assignments – proofreading, writing a customer testimonial or success story, writing content for a new website, etc.

I work for others on a regular/ongoing basis as a consultant, handling a range of day-to-day or week-to-week writing, communication or social media responsibilities. This works out well for clients who want consistent help with their communications and marketing, but don't have enough work to warrant a full-time position.

I generally charge by the hour, and my rates vary according to the type of work involved (i.e., I charge more for copywriting and less for proofreading).

The work I do for clients includes:

  • Creating or overhauling content for websites.
  • Pulling together straightforward, simple websites on the Wordpress platform.
  • Writing content for company pages on social media hubs such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Handling organizations' social media presence on those hubs; posting news, specials and links to content that will make your posts valuable to your followers/potential customers or supporters.
  • Writing and editing blogs, newsletters and magazines.
  • Writing and editing case studies, white papers and product marketing materials.
  • Line-editing, copyediting and proofing everything from business proposals to Web content to magazines.
  • Coming up with concepts for direct marketing (print and Web) campaigns as well as executive conferences and events.
  • Development and fund-raising communications.
  • Collaborating with instructional designers to build online education or training tools.
  • Script-writing for Webcasts or online learning.

Just shoot me an email for more information on projects and rates.